field fare is passionate about working towards zero waste, reducing plastic use and preserving our environment.  Reducing food waste and looking after the environment has been core to our business ethos for over 40 years.  One of the key differences to our AA class freshly-frozen fruit and veg direct from the field that we sell in a loose, scoop-and-serve format is that customers can purchase in their own re-usable containers. 

Zero Packaging

Our loose serve freshly-frozen fruit and veg is popular with customers from an environmental perspective as customers can bring their own re-usable containers meaning no single-use plastic. Or if they forget to bring their own containers, field fare’s loose range can be purchased in a single, recyclable bag which is a significant plastic waste saver#saynotoplastic

zero waste, #saynotoplastic, frozen fruit, frozen veg

Zero Food Waste

Freezing is nature’s preservative, locking in nutrients and taste so reducing food waste.  Plus as we sell our frozen fruit and veg loose, customers can buy only what they need, reducing food waste again.  #ZeroWaste

#saynotoplastic, zero waste, BYO, frozen fruit, frozen veg

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