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All you need to know about our fantastic frozen food range and how it can boost your business.

Oodles of reasons to join Fieldfare:

By becoming a Fieldfare stockist you’ll be providing your customers with delicious, premium frozen food with a unique pick-your-own system, so they can choose as much as they want, but not more then they need, using as little packaging as possible. Result: happy customers.

By working with the experts in frozen, with over 46 years’ experience, you can confidently compete in the growing frozen food sector with a company that understands and is dedicated to working in partnership with farm shops, garden centres, fine food and independent stores. We’ll be there every step of the way, from set-up to stock choices and marketing; while you will see happy customers returning to your store time after time. Result: happy stockists.

Range and merchandising advice 

  • Ensuring you get the right range that works for your shoppers.
  • Providing merchandising support, including our branded livery and brand installations to make sure your freezers look great. 
  • Optimising your range to increase your sales. 

Reducing waste

  • Minimising waste with long shelf life on frozen. 
  • Continuously working to minimise our packaging. 


  • Seasonal POS material and social media assets; images and video.
  • Digital advertising to over 13 million ‘sophisticated foodies’ – driving them into stockists.
  • Bespoke branding to increase instore prescence.

Technical advice

  • Providing expert food safety & technical support. 

Knowledge and service 

  • Our dedicated office team are ready to take your orders and offer you flexibility with day 1 for day 3 ordering with mixed pallets.

Product innovation

  • New products launched each year – keeping up with current trends.
  • 20 award-winning products across the range.
Chest freezers use
2.5 times less energy

than upright freezers

source: Fieldfare calculation based on manufacturer information

If you have a question about becoming a Fieldfare stockist, you may find the answer below in our FAQs.

For all other questions about Fieldfare or to become a new stockist, just give us a ring on 01732 864344 or email us at [email protected]

Don't take our word for it
"We were set up with a dedicated account manager who helped us decide on the launch range. He put us in touch with a contact to purchase refurbished freezers, which really helped us to keep our costs down. We love the variety of products available and the advice on how best to sell the product -thanks Fieldfare." Daniel Bain, Owner - Falconhurst Farm Shop
Don't take our word for it
"We’re only a small shop and to enable us to make the minimum order we share our delivery with another local community enterprise, which works well for both of us. We’re manned by volunteers so having John, our contact, is so helpful. He’s always on hand for advice and ensures we’re stocking popular products that also maximise on our limited space. The pastries are really popular and our varied customer base love being able to buy exactly what they need – it’s a range which serves the community well.” Celia Collett - Brightwell Community village stores
Don't take our word for it
"It has now been over 8 years working with Fieldfare & the relationship has grown each year. Fieldfare is outstanding and always there when we need the support. The stock levels are always great and we never have a problem with deliveries. The product range is superb, with customers having minimal wastage and sustainability. As a company they have high standards and attention to detail and will always go the extra mile to ensure their customers are looked after." Jade Hibbert - Foodhall Manager, Longacres Garden Centre Bagshot
Don't take our word for it
"Fieldfare has proved a great addition to our frozen food offer, affording our customers a quality range of loose frozen foods to purchase just the quantity they need with the minimum of waste and packaging.“ Matthew Hunt, Director - Filco Supermarkets
Don't take our word for it
"“After hearing about Fieldfare at a trade show we were set up, ready to go in less than 3 weeks. Fieldfare offers a complete merchandising solution which not only looks great but is easy to manage and run from an operational store level. Support from our Sales Manager also means that we’re able to change our range to meet shopper needs, which in turn offers opportunities to grow our business together. Add to that a super helpful and friendly support team, we would definitely recommend Fieldfare “ Jack matthews, Partner - Bradley's Supermarket
Don't take our word for it
"In a time where point of differences are more important than ever we are proud to stock Fieldfare. The range is wide and caters for most needs on lots of different levels. We've been delighted to have our older customers comment on how it enables them to buy little and often which gives them a reason to come into store more regularly, whilst helping them budget in difficult financial times." Adam Vincent, MD - Dike & Sons
Don't take our word for it
"We love the branding - it looks good, very modern and bright." Tracey - owner of Lowe Farm
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Got a question?

Yes, the more you order the more you save! Take 61 cases or more and a 2% discount is applied to your order and for orders of 121 cases or more the discount rises to 3%. All orders of 25 cases and over qualify for free delivery. 

This will depend to a large extent on the space available within your shop or store. However, a minimum of two freezers will provide a large enough range of Fieldfare product to encourage repeat customer purchasing. Obviously, the greater the number of freezers, the bigger the range you can carry.

Chest freezers are a very economical way to sell our loose, frozen food. Although they take up more floor space, they can consume less energy than their upright counterparts.
We’ve looked at energy usage of our recommended freezer (Novum 601) and energy consumption is 2.5 times LESS than an upright. We’ve got a helpful calculator you can use to work out energy usage with your specific freezer. Also, managed correctly, you shouldn’t have any waste so you can really maximise your sales.

This really depends on your product range, however, with two freezers you should be able to store most of your spare Fieldfare product under the display boxes. Having a cold store is ideal, however if this is not possible, a spare conventional chest freezer can also be used to store surplus stock.

For most deliveries in England and Wales, there is a turnaround of three working days, e.g. if you place an order on Monday, delivery will be on Wednesday.

For a few customers in Scotland and Ireland deliveries may take a little longer. Please check with the Fieldfare office. Please note that orders must be received by 3pm at the latest to be processed that day.

It’s really important to keep the product looking its best, as customers will be viewing before deciding to purchase. 

LOOSE FROZEN PRODUCT The loose frozen products should be stirred daily to prevent them from sticking and boxes should not be filled higher than 15cms from the top. 

FOOD SAFETY With regard to food safety, the basic rules of food hygiene apply. More specifically, the lot number of each case of product emptied into the freezer should be recorded and updated when the product is re-filled with the appropriate new lot number, in order to provide traceability. 

Scoops and tongs should be regularly washed throughout the day and temperatures in freezers and cold stores should also be checked and recorded daily. Freezers should be defrosted, as a regular routine, and often enough to prevent the excessive build-up of ice around the edges of the freezer. 

Full training, as outlined in our Code of Practice, will be provided upon installation. 

Fieldfare should complement your fresh offer and appeal to both existing and new customers. Frozen is a growing sector with more and more shoppers understanding its benefits. Focusing on the growth area of frozen alongside your existing range will drive footfall, increase sales and bring repeat customers. 

When you take products from Fieldfare, we provide you with absolutely everything you need to display and merchandise our products in store. Our friendly Sales Managers can brand your freezers with magnetic cladding to make them stand out, and provide backboards to stand behind and highlight Fieldfare’s products. Our point-of-sale labels fit neatly under the glass lid in special holders and give the customer all the information they need to make an informed decision – prices, recipe ideas, cooking instructions, allergen information and serving suggestions where appropriate.

We all want to see less packaging being used, and we encourage our customers to bring their own reusable bags. If customers are using reusable bags, they are unlikely to need weighing before they are filled up. If a customer brings a reusable container that is heavier than a bag, you will need to weigh it before they fill it up so they only pay for the goods they have scooped. Weigh the customer’s tub before they fill them with Fieldfare fruit and veg and simply deduct from the overall weight. 

Yes! If you serve food and drinks within your shop, why not double up and use Fieldfare to supply you? We can send you one delivery, and split the invoicing as you want, so that you can benefit from our free delivery. Plus, you can tell your coffee shop customers where they can buy the products they are eating – right there in store!

Yes! Our delivery is three working days – i.e. order on Monday for a Wednesday delivery.* We don’t specify the day we deliver in your area. If you need a delivery on a specific day, we can arrange that for you, just give us a minimum of 3 working days and let us know when you order. We deliver Monday to Friday, wherever you are. Any questions, please call us.

*A few exclusions apply.

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Fieldfare welcome all shoppers but due to our products being sold loose we don’t recommend them if you suffer with anaphylaxis from the following allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, egg, shellfish (molluscs and crustaceans) and fish.

We also urge caution for other allergen sufferers as there is a risk of cross-contamination from celery, gluten, lupin, mustard, soya and sulphites which may be present in products in the same freezer.