Field Fare – A Fresh Approach to Frozen Food

field fare is the Number 1 supplier of scoop-your-own frozen produce in the UK.

Customers simply serve themselves and scoop as much or as little as they like from our freezers.  All the taste, no food waste – just great tasting, freshly frozen food.

The benefits of frozen

Our produce is frozen
from fresh so all the
goodness is locked in.
The food in your freezer
will last longer than the
food in your fridge. This
means less food waste.
Freezing is a natural way of
preserving food so there's no need for additional artificial preservatives. Freezing food enables you to be able to enjoy seasonal food throughout the year without out-of-season price rises.
It is more cost effective to
ship many frozen foods
than to use air freight to
deliver them fresh.
Making the same dish
from scratch can cost on
average 30% more than
buying the frozen
"Fantastic quality has never been quite this convenient before."
Brown and Green, Farm Shop


field fare Cares for the Environment

40 years of pioneering packaging and food waste reduction…and still improving on it…

launching new biodegradable bags for our loose frozen products

encouraging customers to use their own bags and containers

impressive eco-credentials for our frozen ready meal packaging