We're a family owned business that started over 40 years ago in the beautiful kent countryside.

We began selling ’scoop your own’ loose frozen fruit and vegetables, providing our customer with the very best quality produce all year round and in the exact quantity they needed – simple!

We realised there was so much more delicious frozen food that would delight our customers so over the years we’ve expanded our range (of loose, frozen products) to include delicious pastries and desserts, frozen fish lines and individual meal makers, all carefully selected and easy to prepare straight from the freezer.

Here at fieldfare, we are passionate about the following things:

Providing great quality, convenient and tasty frozen food.

Giving our customers the choice to buy what they want, and not more than they need.

Reducing food waste and unnecessary packaging and encouraging customers to do the same.

Delicious Loose Frozen Food

Sold with as little waste and packaging possible and available at farm shops, garden centres and independent stores across the UK.