Our frozen ready meals range comprises of over 60 one and two portion meals, including authentically spiced international cuisines, NEW gluten free meals, sophisticated vegetarian options and tempting desserts.

Lasagne Verdi  Chicken Tikka Masala  Lancashire Hotpot

From classic comfort food, cottage pies, Lancashire hotpots, deep-filled pies and Toad in the Hole (all with on average 25% higher meat count than the competition) to Great Taste Award winners Lasagne Verde, Steak and Kidney Pie, Coquilles St Jacques, Asparagus & Gruyere Crowns and Mushroom, Stilton & Pine Nut Parcel, vegetarian meals like award-winning Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, Macaroni Cheese & Mushroom Risotto to utterly divine desserts like Great Taste Award Winner Salted Caramel Cheesecake & Coffee Roulade.

          salted caramel cheesecake website                           Raspberry Roulade  

We work closely with a long established clutch of trusted, independent manufacturers and producers to create dishes that are worthy of the field fare name.  Each dish is cooked in small batches of 360 meals at a time and frozen down to between -12°C and -15°C, before being stored at -25°C, which means the meals immediately retain all those nutrients and flavours with no need to add any preservatives or nasties. 

We use the same quality of ingredients, the same richness of flavours, the same methods, the same generous portions, the same skimp-not policy that you would in your own kitchen – whether that is in the tenderising length of slow-cooking times or that all important red wine measure.  Resulting in dishes that are wholesome and delicious that look and taste home-made.

Our packaging is better for the environment too as we use sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificated paper sleeves.  The meal trays are made with 80% recyclable material; made using 100% renewable electricity, with any surplus materials recycled in production.

Great choice, premium quality, decent portion size and better for the environment – what’s not to love!