Jennifer Makes, Food Blogger, Discovers field fare

We’ve been having lots of lovely conversations with Jennifer Makes, a highly regarded food blogger, over the last few months.  Jennifer loves discovering new recipes and learning how easy it is to make lots of nourishing meals all from a few simple ingredients.

She has created some wonderful recipes using field fare ingredients.

Jennifer is a big fan of Messy Dessert Bowls as the ingredients are simply assembled together.  We love the simplicity of this Messy Dessert Bowl with Frozen Berries & it tastes pretty good too!

Messy Dessert Bowl with frozen berries
Messy Dessert Bowl with frozen berries

Then for those cold winter mornings when you need an extra burst of energy try topping a big bowl of porridge with a lovely Apple and Blackcurrant Compote.

Apple and Blackcurrant Compote
Apple and Blackcurrant Compote

Something to look forward to after a long, hard day is this Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble with Coconut Cream which is a hit with the whole family.

Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble
Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble

A crumble hits the spot every time, and you can’t get much better than the classic combination of apple and blackcurrant.

We asked Jennifer what she thought of field fare and she said “I absolutely love the convenience of field fare’s frozen fruit, as someone who likes to whip up healthy smoothies in the morning or make a quick compote for my porridge, these products are ideal at making eating healthier even easier!

The fruit is easy to store in the freezer (less fresh fruit waste) they taste lovely too! I particularly love the Bramley apple slices as the taste isn’t compromised in the slightest from being frozen.

I’d 100% recommend anyone looking to add fruit to their lifestyle to give field fare a try, there’s so much variety to choose from too, so there will definitely be something for everyone!”

Many thanks to Jennifer Makes for taking the time to create these wonderful recipes with field fare ingredients.  See her website for more Jennifer Makes Recipes.


Fieldfare welcome all shoppers but due to our products being sold loose we don’t recommend them if you suffer with anaphylaxis from the following allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, egg, shellfish (molluscs and crustaceans) and fish.

We also urge caution for other allergen sufferers as there is a risk of cross-contamination from celery, gluten, lupin, mustard, soya and sulphites which may be present in products in the same freezer.