It’s Pancake Day!

Get your frying pans at the ready for some fun, flipping pancake action this Shrove Tuesday (28th).  Families across the land will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen and creating some wonderful pancake delights – although a few may end up on the ceiling!

If you normally just stick with the classic pancake with lemon and sugar, why not get a little more adventurous with some alternative fillings or toppings.

Here are our 3 favourites:-

1 . Summer Fruit Pancakes

Make a fruity sauce with our Summer Fruits by warming them up in a pan, and adding a little water, sweetener and cornflour.

Summer Fruit Pancakes


2. Very Berry Pancakes

Blitz some frozen field fare strawberries in a blender adding a little finely grated lime rind.  Add some Greek Style yogurt to your pancakes with defrosted field fare raspberries and blueberries & fold in half.  Sprinkle with a little icing sugar and a drizzle over your Strawberry sauce.

Very Berry Pancakes


3. Honey & Berries

Pancakes with a drizzle of honey and field fare defrosted berries.  Simple, yet delicious.

Honey & Berries

So have a cracking good time, whisking up some delicious fruity pancakes that will be difficult to resist!!


Fieldfare welcome all shoppers but due to our products being sold loose we don’t recommend them if you suffer with anaphylaxis from the following allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, egg, shellfish (molluscs and crustaceans) and fish.

We also urge caution for other allergen sufferers as there is a risk of cross-contamination from celery, gluten, lupin, mustard, soya and sulphites which may be present in products in the same freezer.