5 Amazing Facts about Pies that you probably didn’t know!

To celebrate National Pie Week, we thought we would share with you 5 things that you probably didn’t know about pies…

Steak and Kidney Pie

1. Everything used to be a pie!

In Roman times, a pie’s pastry shell was designed to act as a bowl and then filled with meat and seafood.  The pastry was incredibly tough so was designed to be thrown away

2. Shakespeare killed off two characters with a pie

In Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare’s first tragedy), Titus sought revenge on Queen Tamora and her family for their evil acts by baking her sons into a pie and serving it to her!

3. Pie used to be illegal (kind of!)

In 1644, Oliver Cromwell banned pie as he declared it was a pagan’s form of pleasure!  The ban stretched across Christmas foods like mince pies, turkey and Christmas ales.  The ban was lifted in 1660

4. Live animals were put into pies

In the 16th century, ‘surprise pies’ were all the rage amongst the rich where live animals e.g. frogs, squirrels would jump out of the pie when cut open.  It’s where the nursery rhyme ‘four and twenty blackbirds’ comes from!

5. Eel pie is sent to the Royal family every Jubilee or Coronation

The people of Gloucester send pie to the Royal household made from lampreys, a locally source eel-like fish for every jubilee or coronation.  This odd tradition dates back to the Middle Ages.

Thankfully, most of these facts are no longer practised but pies are as popular as ever!

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Bramley Apple Pie

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Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/news/pie-facts/


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