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It all started 40 years ago, when the idea of ‘scoop-your-own’ frozen food began from a barn in Kent.  The idea quickly took off with farm shops across the nation asking if they could sell our loose frozen fruit and frozen veg too.

Today the ‘scoop-your own’ concept is just as popular, customers are able to buy their frozen food loose, meaning they choose how much they buy.  There is minimal packaging or customers take their own re-usable containers, so plastic free,  and zero food waste with our ‘scoop your own’ range.

Our frozen ‘scoop your own’ range has expanded over recent years to include additional loose products e.g. frozen bakery and frozen fish lines.  We have also added a range of prepacked foods namely frozen ready meals, frozen pies and frozen desserts.

Our large, diverse range, of carefully selected, premium quality products, is available nationwide from farm shops, delis, garden centres and butchers.

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How we source our ingredients

We always strive to use locally-sourced ingredients, but sometimes we may need to go further afield if that ingredient is out of season in the UK.

Our frozen peas and potatoes
are from Yorkshire.
Our frozen fishcakes and Coquille
St Jacques are from Devon.
Our frozen all-butter croissants are made in France.
If we need to go a little further afield to source an ingredient, this is to ensure we have a top quality, authentic product.

Our Home

Today, we still operate from Black Robins Farm which is a fully working farm, so we are constantly surrounded by numerous animals and beautiful scenery.

Our marvellous environment provides endless amounts of inspiration in our day-to-day working.

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