Kenyon Hall Farm Shop

Kenyon Hall Farm is a year-round Farm Shop & Cafe and a seasonal Plant Centre & Pick Your Own experience. We’re in Warrington, Cheshire, just a mile from the M6 and M62.  As a family-run farm we’re proud to offer a friendly place to visit for people of all ages. We’re open 7 days a week all year round and there’s always something to do from fruit picking in summer to Christmas trees in winter, traditional farmhouse food & fresh produce all year round.  Our picnic and play area is free and has swings, slides, zip line & pedal tractors. Come and join us for a day in the countryside!

“The Farm Shop has stocked field fare produce since it opened in 2011, which has proven hugely popular with customers. The wide range of frozen fruit, vegetables, pies and ready meals have beautifully complimented the fresh, home-grown and local produce available in the Farm Shop. The Kenyon Hall café has also got in on the act, regularly serving up specials including Belgium waffles for breakfast and fancy fish cakes for lunch!”

“Kenyon Hall Farm are always looking for ways to cut down on packaging and help the environment too, so we’ve teamed up with field fare to offer customers 10% off their frozen fruit and vegetables in May and June when they bring their own containers to fill.  Our customers are already great at recycling – taking their shopping home in cardboard boxes, re-filling their own oil and vinegar bottles, returning their laundry bottles for re-use – and we’re sure they’ll leap at this opportunity too!”

James Bulmer – Farm Shop Manager

The idea of bringing your own containers is proving to be a hit too with one customer, Shannon, saying “I absolutely love the idea of being rewarded for choosing re-usable tubs over plastic bags. I think it’s so important to encourage everyone to make a positive contribution towards sustainability. A wonderful idea!”

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