Freshly frozen and available all year round, frozen cranberries are not just for Christmas! Great for trifles, sparkling drinks, puddings, sauces and jellies.

Cranberries are approximately 90% water.

One of the few fruits native to North America, nutrient rich they can help with urinary tract infections.

Cooking Instructions

Recipe Suggestion – Cranberry Pudding

Cover a small saucepan of frozen cranberries with a little sweetened orange juice and simmer gently for 5 minutes.  Place in a shallow dish and cover with a sponge mixture.  Cook in a moderate oven or may be microwaved.

Ideal for making cranberry sauce or jelly.

Important Information

These cooking instructions are a guide only. Your appliance may have a different power rating, so please adjust accordingly
Keep frozen at -18C
Do not refreeze


Whole Cranberries.

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