Apricot Halves

Apricot Halves


Our frozen apricot halves are great for desserts, sauces, purees, sorbets or a savoury lamb and apricot tagine!

A relative of the peach, apricots are a great source of Vitamin A which aids in improving eye-health.

In Latin apricot means "precious" a label earned because it ripens earlier than other summer fruits.

Cooking Instructions

Serving Suggestion – Apricot Fool

Simmer 500g apricots with approximately 100g caster sugar until soft.  Allow to cool and puree.  Add 150ml thick custard and 150ml whipped double cream.  Chill before serving.

Or can be used in any recipe that includes apricots as an ingredient.

Important Information

Keep frozen at -18C
Do not refreeze


Apricots cut in half with stone removed.

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