Introduce a field fare freezer into your shop and we’re quite certain you’ll soon notice the uplift in sales.  The field fare freezers have great standout in-store with fabulous food photography and enticing key brand messages making the shopping experience easy for customers.

If you have a question about field fare premium frozen foods, you may find the answer below in our FAQ’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do field fare offer volume discounts?

Yes, the more you order the more you save.  Take 61 cases or more and a 2% discount is applied to your order and for orders of 121 cases or more the discount rises to 3%.

All orders 25 cases and over qualify for free delivery. 

What is the optimum number of freezers to begin with?

This will depend to a large extent on the space available within your shop or store. However, a minimum of two freezers will provide a large enough range of field fare product to encourage repeat purchasing.

Obviously, the greater the number of freezers, the bigger the range you can carry.

Help! Where am I going to store all these boxes of product?

This really depends on your product range, however, with two freezers you should be able to store most of your spare field fare product under the display boxes. Having a cold store is ideal however if this is not possible a spare conventional chest  freezer can also be used to store surplus stock.

Once I’ve placed my order, how soon will I receive it?

For most deliveries in England and Wales, there is a turnaround of three working days, e.g. if you place an order on Monday, delivery will be on Wednesday.

For a few customers in Scotland and Ireland deliveries may take a little longer. Please check with the field fare office. Please note that orders must be received by 3pm at the latest to be processed that day.

What if my order doesn’t come to the minimum 25 cases?

We can deliver, but we will have to charge you for the excess boxes! Prices vary according to area, so please telephone us for further details, however rest assured we only charge at the pro-rata transport cost to us.

How do I take care of the product after installation?

As the customer is able to see the product prior to purchase, and therefore buying with their eyes, it is important to keep the product looking its best. The loose frozen products should be stirred daily to prevent it from sticking and boxes should not be filled higher than 15cms from the top.

With regard to food safety, the basic rules of food hygiene apply. More specifically, the lot number of each case of product emptied into the freezer should be recorded and updated when the product is re-filled with the appropriate new lot number, so providing traceability. Scoops and tongs should be regularly washed throughout the day and temperatures in freezers and cold stores should also be checked and recorded daily. Freezers should be defrosted, as a regular routine, and often enough to prevent the excessive build up of ice around the edges of the freezer. Full training, as outlined in our Code of Practice, will be provided upon installation.

Will selling field fare frozen products affect the sales of my fresh fruit and vegetables?

Past experience has shown that, as well as providing your customers with year-round choice, consumers continue to purchase frozen product all year round regardless of the season.

How can you help us display products in our shops?

When you take products from field fare, we provide you with everything you need to display and merchandise our products in store. Our friendly Sales Managers can brand your freezers with magnetic cladding to make them stand out, and provide backboards to stand behind and highlight field fare’s products. Our point of sale labels fit neatly under the glass lid in special holders and give the customer all the information they need to make an informed decision – prices, recipe ideas, cooking instructions, allergen information and recipes where appropriate.

How do I implement the BYO Tub Campaign in my store?

Weigh the customers tub before they fill with field fare fruit and veg and simply then deduct from the overall weight.  If your tills don’t allow you to remember 2 weights then why not provide you own tubs.  We like these reusable clear plastic containers and sell them to your customer.  (You could even add on a small profit).  These tubs can be pre-weighed and the weight deducted from the overall weight of the items.  Create posters and have these displayed around your store.  Include the campaign in your customer newsletters too to get more customers participating.

Can I use field fare frozen products in my coffee shop or restaurant?

Yes! If you serve food and drinks within your shop, why not double up and use field fare to supply you? We can send you one delivery, and split the invoicing as you want, so that you can benefit from our free delivery. Plus, you can tell your coffee shop customers where they can buy the products they are eating – right there in store!

Can you deliver when I need you to?

Yes! Our delivery is three working days – i.e. order on Monday for Wednesday.* We don’t specify the day we deliver in your area. But, if you need a delivery on a specific day, we can arrange that for you, just give us a minimum of 3 working days and let us know when you order. We deliver Monday to Friday, wherever you are. Any questions please call us.

*A few exclusions apply.

What if I don’t want to use your RRP?

If you don’t want to use our RRPs, we can provide you with point of sale labels bespoke for your shop.

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