Are all your frozen fruits natural without added sweeteners?

Yes, our frozen loose fruit mixes are 100% natural without any added sweeteners or preservatives.  Our Bramley Apple Slices do, however, have citric acid added to them to stop them browning.

Is frozen fruit and veg as good as fresh?

Freezing fruit and vegetables locks in nutritional qualities, fresh flavours and natural textures, preserving the food in its freshest state. For example:-

Quantity of Vitamin C (mg/100g)*

Freshly picked peas 22.1                               Fresh peas (after 2 days) 14.1                     Frozen peas 20.2

Freshly picked spinach 17.0                         Fresh spinach (after 2 days) 4.1                 Frozen spinach 14.0

Freshly picked French beans 16.4              Fresh French beans (after 2 days) 7.9       Frozen French beans 14.3

Fresh fruit and vegetables are harvested, transported, stored and then transported to their point of sale.  It is quite usual for fresh products to be up to 14 days old before they reach the consumer, so valuable nutrients are lost unlike frozen goods.  Once frozen, which is within a few hours at the most after harvest, all nutrients are locked in and don’t change.

How can buying frozen food make my busy life simpler?

Frozen fruit and frozen vegetables require no preparation and you can use as much or as little as you want which results in no waste.

Fast, convenient and available all year, frozen vegetables can be steamed, stir-fried or microwaved to be ready in minutes, with prices usually fixed until the next crop in a year’s time.

Plus you’re doing your bit for the environment too as our loose serve frozen fruit and frozen veg is bought in a single recyclable bag or you can bring your own container to fill, so no single use plastic!

What’s so good about buying field fare products?

Well, apart from the fabulous quality, broad product range and no food waste, you can save money too. As our products are sold loose you can buy as little or as much as you choose.  Great if you have a weekly budget you are trying to keep to.  We only supply independent stores, mostly farm shops, so you are supporting UK farmers when you buy field fare.  Plus, buying field fare is better for the environment as a good number of our products are grown or made in the UK, so they don’t have to be air freighted!

You are cutting down on unnecessary plastic packaging too as our loose serve frozen fruit and frozen veg is bought in a single recyclable bag or you can bring your own container to fill, so no single use plastic!

Does frozen fruit contribute to your 5 a-day?

Yes they do and frozen fruit and frozen veg has the same nutritional benefits as fresh, if not better!

How quickly does it take for your peas to go from field to being frozen?

After harvest they are washed, blanched, frozen then packed ready for shipping to the store in just 2.5 hours!  Freezing the peas at their prime and freshest.

Where are your ready meals produced?

Our frozen ready meals are produced in small batches, by hand, by two independent family-owned businesses.

Do you have a list of Gluten Free Products?

Yes the list can be found here

Where can I find your cooking instructions for your products?

All our cooking instructions for our products can be found on the Product Page.  Just click on the image of the product you are looking for.

What temperature should my freezer be at?

Most home freezers should operate at -18C or lower

How long can I leave food in the freezer?

Always refer to the on-pack ‘best before’ date.  This is a quality indicator and is the date in which a product will remain in peak quality (when stored at -18C or below).  After the best before date, the product is still safe to eat but the eating quality may have deteriorated.  For our loose frozen fruit, frozen veg and frozen fish lines we recommend using the product within 6 months from purchase and for our loose frozen bakery and frozen patisserie lines within 4 months from purchase.

Where is my local field fare stockist?

To find your nearest field fare stockist follow the link and add in your postcode