Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide great quality, freshly frozen, wholesome food which is ethically sourced.

Fresh Approach
As our strapline (A Fresh Approach to Frozen Foods) states, we like to take this outlook in all that we do here at field fare, in terms of the way we work with each other, our suppliers, our stockists and of course our customers. We constantly look for ways to improve the way we do things by sometimes doing things a little differently, as shown by the way our loose frozen fruit, frozen veg, frozen bakery and frozen fish lines are sold.

Supporting British Farmers
We are firm supporters of British Farmers and want them to protect their way of life now and in the future. We always strive to use locally sourced ingredients and are members of FARMA .

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Ethically Sourced
We always strive to use locally sourced ingredients if possible but sometimes we may need to go further afield if that ingredient is out of season or unavailable in the UK. We will only use ingredients that we are 100% happy with, as to where they have come from and how they have been farmed. We are always striving to improve – to buy better quality, with better environmental and animal welfare.

Most of our ranges are sold loose so there is minimal packaging, just the boxes which they are delivered to store in.
Our prepacked range uses cardboard sleeves, film and CPET trays.
Cardboard sleeves are 100% recyclable. 100% of the cardboard used to deliver our ingredients is recyclable too.  The material comes from sustained sources and is fully biodegradable after use.
The trays are CPET – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE). Cleaned, recycled PET flakes and pellets are in great demand for spinning fibre for carpet yarns, producing fibrefill and geo-textiles.

Food Waste
One of the main benefits of frozen food is that it minimises food waste. Frozen food has a long shelf-life, which means it can be kept safely in your freezer until you need it. Also, if it is sourced from overseas it does not need to be transported very quickly i.e. it is transported by seafreight and / or rail which is much more environmentally friendly than air freighting used for a number of fresh products, with a short shelf life. We work with suppliers that have strong ethics in reducing food waste too.  One such supplier is JE Hartley, who have an anaerobic digestion plant in which they put all of their waste from their vegetable harvest and the maize they have grown.  This, combined with solar panels on their roof, supplies 25% of their electrical requirement. They are also fully certified as zero to land fill. #ZeroWaste

Giving to Charity
We donate any short-dated stock to two charities – Fair Share and Real Junk Food.

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