The Manor Farm Shop, situated just outside of Chelmsford, are a family run business which has gone through the generations for many of years.

The Manor Farm Shop

This month is our 2 year anniversary at being at this site, and things have just got better and better. This especially goes for our field fare range. When we first took over here, we had one freezer with a small selection of field fare products. However, we are now running 6 freezers with over 70 field fare products to choose from. field fare’s range has rocketed because customers love the simplicity and easiness of buying their products –  they can take as much or as little as they like. Using field fare products couldn’t be easier, there is such a wide variety to choose from to make that quick evening meal, it is convenient for customers and stress free with all the cooking instructions here in store for each product.

Manor Farm Shop Freezer

Here at the Manor Farm Shop we have so much more to offer. We stock a mass variety of products which include:

  • fresh, local fruit and veg
  • local free range eggs
  • local honey
  • a wide choice of dairy and meat
  • freshly baked bread
  • pet essentials
  • coal and fire wood

Also, during the festive period, we have over a 1000 Christmas trees in store to choose from at VERY VERY CHEAP PRICES. As well as holly wreaths and many more of those Christmas essentials.

So feel free to come and visit us and see what you think!