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Allington Farm Shop

Winner of two countryside alliance awards, achieved 2nd placed in the Wiltshire Life Awards for best farm shop last year and nominated again for this year’s awards.

The farm shop in set up in 1981 and is a family run business.  It has a very popular café and has a 400 acre farm which feeds butchers lamb, pork and beef attached to the shop.

Allington Farm Shop

We’ve been supplied by field fare for a long time now. The freezers are a permanent part of the shop which has a big following. Popular all year round, we often receive feedback from customers telling us the ability to choose how much frozen products they need is what keeps them coming back. The quality of the fruit, veg and pastries cannot be beaten. Most popular lines are the summer fruit and croissants. The addition of the potato gratin was well received too. It’s amazing to see how many customers are surprised by the fact that they can pick and choose what quantity of frozen goods they want. Obviously, this service isn’t available in most supermarkets and the customer is used to buying large quantities that they don’t always want.

The variety is great too. We’re pushed for floor space in the farm shop but I could easily take onboard another freezer to house more delicious field fare products including their ready meals. This is something for the future and we’re always redesigning and looking for ways to improve.

From ordering, to delivery, the field fare team make the whole process easy. Usually a two day turnaround time, I’m never waiting for long for a delivery.