Pearce’s Farm Shop & Café  is an independent family business that opened in 1982 selling its own fruit and veg from a shed in the field.  Still growing its own as well as the popular pick-your-own (PYO) for soft fruits, the business expanded further with the building of an award-winning cafe and is now a fantastic food lovers’ destination where it is a joy to eat, shop and connect with all that’s wonderful about really good food.  

Pearces Farm Shop

The Farm Shop is laden with fresh seasonal fruit and veg, inspiring artisan groceries, tasty deli items, fresh bread, meat and fish, scrumptious cakes, frozen food, wines, beers, local gins as well as contemporary gifts.

Pearces Farm Shop Freezer

Ed Pearce says: “We have been delighted to stock field fare’s loose frozen produce for over 15 years.  We now have four of their clearly branded freezers full of the excellent scoop-your-own products. These not only complement our help yourself fresh fruit and veg but also attract our customers who like the option to buy exactly the amount they need – whether it’s frozen berries, the festival fruit salads or farmhouse vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and their delicious pastries especially croissant which is one of the best sellers.”