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A fresh approach to frozen food

From loose fruit, vegetables, bakery and fish to our range of prepared frozen meals, we have something to offer every appetite. So whether you’re a busy mum with lots of mouths to feed, a seasoned home cook looking for convenient, quality ingredients, or a time-poor commuter looking to pop something quick into the microwave, field fare has something delicious for you.


Fresh Food

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  • Coquilles St Jacquesdetails
    A scallop shell filled with scallops, prawns, salmon and plaice in a creamy sauce topped with grated cheese and piped mashed potato
  • Fish Pie - 1 portiondetails
    Salmon, smoked haddock, Alaskan pollock and prawns in a creamy leek sauce topped with buttery mashed potato and toasted breadcrumbs
  • Fish Pie - 2 portiondetails
    Large Chunks of Salmon, Haddock and Cod with Double Cream, White Wine and a Hint of Lemon Topped with Light Buttery Mashed Potato
  • Mussels - Moules Marinièresdetails
    Whole shell rope cultured mussels cooked with a creamy white wine sauce. 500g
  • Salmon & Asparagus Gratindetails
    Chunky pieces of prime salmon and tender asparagus tips layered with a white wine sauce covered in slices of potato ready for browning in the Oven
  • Salmon en Croutedetails
    Salmon in a rich cheese sauce wrapped in pastry and topped with dill