Country Soup Mix

Country Soup Mix


Freshly frozen, with all the goodness locked in. A mix of diced potato, tomato, carrot, onion, grade AA peas and sliced leeks.

Perfect for soups and casseroles.

Why peel and chop... just add this mix!

Cooking Instructions

Cooking suggestions:

Country Soup:  Simmer for 20 minutes in stock.  Add seasoning and tomato puree to taste.  Sprinkle with cheese and serve with croutons or, for a substantial meal, add dumplings for the last 15 minutes.

Casseroles and Stews:  Add this mix to your casserole or stew approximately 20 minutes before the end of cooking.

Important Information

These cooking instructions are a guide only. Your appliance may have a different power rating, so please adjust accordingly
Keep frozen at -18C
Do not refreeze


Diced Potato, Diced Tomato, Diced Carrot, Diced Onion, Peas AA & cut Leeks.

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